Tulare County Probation Department

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Tulare County Probation Partners with Cordico to Provide Wellness App to Staff and Families

Department seeks to eliminate stigma surrounding mental health issues among law enforcement and support overall wellness

Tulare County, CA - Mental and physical wellness is critical to a professional, successful law enforcement department.  Staff are exposed to traumatic incidents at much higher rates than the general population; they are more susceptible to mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and suicide. To proactively address these mental health challenges, Tulare County Probation has launched a customized, confidential wellness app, powered by Cordico, for probation staff and their families.

“With 27 years of experience in law enforcement I understand the challenges and hardships our staff take home with them daily,” says Chief Probation Officer, Michelle Bonwell. “As a department, we want to be at the forefront of changing public safety culture and the stigma surrounding mental health and wellness. By leveraging a mobile app like Cordico, we can connect employees to much-needed resources, with confidentiality and ease in mind.”

Whether out in the field, at their desks, or at our Juvenile Detention Facility, personnel will have confidential, 24/7 access to the app to ensure they have the resources they need in their most difficult moments. The app includes a wellness toolkit addressing 60 behavioral health topics such as fatigue, suicide prevention and alcohol abuse, mental health self-assessments, and videos and guides on yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and more.

“No one should ever feel blocked from accessing help at times of need due to their schedule or location or concerns about confidentiality, and that is especially true of our public safety personnel who dedicate their professional lives to responding to others’ emergencies,” says Cordico founder and president Dr. David Black. The department joins hundreds of agencies and organizations nationwide served by Cordico.  

About Tulare County Probation

The Tulare County Probation Department was established in 1908 and provides a multi-dimensional approach to community safety.  We are committed to an evidence-based approach to public safety that promotes positive behavior change.