Tulare County Probation Department

Making a Difference in our Community!

The Tulare County Probation Department provides Court and Supervision services for adult offenders designed to protect the community, enhance the quality of life, and serve the Court. 

The Probation Department provides a variety of services to the Court prior to the sentencing of offenders.  

  • Court Services – The Probation Department partners with the Tulare County Superior Court, providing Probation Court Officers in the Pre Trial and Specialty Courts, which includes Veteran’s Court, Drug Court, Recovery Court, and Mental Health Court.
  • Pretrial Services – Pretrial release and detention have reformed from a monetary system to a risk-based system.  Probation Officers complete and provide the Court with the Public Safety Assessment prior to Arraignment.  The Tulare County Superior Court judges use the assessment information to facilitate the safe and efficient release of arrestees before trial, using the least restrictive monitoring practices, while protecting public safety and ensuring court appearances.
  • Supervised Own Recognizance Release (SORR) – The Court may order a defendant, who must voluntarily as a condition of their release, submit to supervision, which may include GPS monitoring, search, and other terms.   The level of supervision is determined by the Court using the Public Safety Assessment.
  • Adult Investigations – Pursuant to the California Penal Code Section 1203, the Probation Department is required to conduct an investigation and provide a written report to the Court for Judgment Proceedings.  The Adult Investigations Unit provides comprehensive pre-sentencing reports to the Tulare County Superior Court.  The investigators are well versed in the nuances of California Sentencing law and the Rules of Court.  The investigators ensure victims are adequately represented during the Court process and submit restitution recommendations on behalf of the victims.

The Probation Department provides diverse supervision opportunities for offenders post-sentencing.  Offenders are assessed using the Correctional Assessment and Intervention System (CAIS) to determine the underlying motivation for criminal behavior and how to best manage the supervision relationship.  

  • Adult Release Planning – The Probation Department has partnered with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department to provide release planning for incarcerated offenders.
  • Field Supervision – Officers from the Probation Department Supervises offenders who have been released on Formal Probation, Mandatory Supervision, and Post Release Community Supervision.  Referrals for services are made based on the CAIS assessment to meet needs and to provide rehabilitation services. Officers and community partners assist offenders with obtaining medical and mental health services, applying for aid and Medi-Cal, preparing for and obtaining employment, and meeting educational goals.  
  • Adult Electronic Monitor Program – Eligible offenders are placed on house arrest with an electronic monitor, allowing them to maintain employment.
  • Readiness for Employment through Sustainable Education and Training (RESET) – The Probation Department has partnered with the Tulare County Employment Connection to provide the skills, knowledge, and resources to obtain and retain employment.  

The Probation Department collaborates with our justice partners to provide Specialty Supervision for offenders with specific convictions:

  • Domestic Violence Unit – Offenders are assessed using the Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment, (ODERA) tool.  Probation has partnered with the District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Department, and Family Services, as part of the Domestic Violence High-Risk Team. Offenders are monitored throughout the court and sentencing process.  Domestic Violence offenders are provided intense supervision with support to complete required treatment programs.
  • Sex Offender Unit – Offenders who have been granted probation, after conviction of a sex offense are supervised by officers who have received specialized training.  
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Supervision – Partnership with the Office of Traffic Safety to supervise offenders convicted of Felony, Driving Under the Influence.  Offenders have multiple convictions for driving under the influence or have caused injury or death while driving under the influence.  Offenders are monitored to ensure compliance with court-ordered DUI education and treatment programs.  Probation Officers conduct unannounced home searches and random alcohol and drug testing.